We, Bonnie & John Charvat, stopped breeding and showing dogs when the journey of our life took a different twist. Cats became our trusty companions as they were a much better fit into our lifestyle.

Through the years, we have enjoyed being owned by several different "wild" looking, yet completely domestic breeds of cats. Once again, the desire to show and breed has gotten a hold of us. After two years of studying and searching, the American Bobtail was our breed of choice. We have started with the brown spotted tabbies, which have that definite "wild" look, and have since added the lynx points, as well.

We, at Autum Sun, want our cats to excel as pets. Our desire is to breed the best and healthiest American Bobtails both in temperament and conformation. Our cats are socialized to be family members and are raised at the foot of our bed ~ Perhaps we should say that they let us sleep in their bed!

- Bonnie & John Charvat

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