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Shiloh Shepherd Dog
shiloh shepherd dog
shiloh shepherd dog
Shiloh Shepherd Dog

GVx2, bGrCH, sCH, ICKC Mast Supr Gr CH, ICKC Jr. HOF

Beloved Sweet Mystic Dreamer “Simone”, CGC

Shiloh Shepherd Simone

ICKC #1 TOP DOG, 2016 (dog show venue)

ICKC #1 SHILOH SHEPHERD, 2016 (dog show venue)

ISSDC GRAND VICTRIX, 2016 (Shiloh Shepherd Club)

ISSDC #1 TOP DOG, 2016 (Shiloh Shepherd Club)

NSBR GRAND VICTRIX, 2016 (Shiloh Shepherd Registry)

NSBR #1 TOP DOG, 2016 (Shiloh Shepherd Registry)

Shiloh Shepherd Simone

NSBR National Select #2, 2014

NSBR Top Puppy #4, 2014

NSBR National Select #10, 2013

NSBR Top Puppy #4, 2013

ICKC Jr. Hall of Fame (top puppy title)

ICKC Best Bred By Breeder, 2013

ICKC Intercontinental Champion of the Year, 2013

ICKC International Supreme Grand Champion

ICKC Intercontinental Bronze Championship

Shiloh Shepherd Simone

Owner: Laura Wallace
Co-Owner: Ellen R Brenner, Beloved Shiloh Shepherds

Parents: Beloveds Dream Believer Atlantic “Teegan”
Registration: #NSB-AS810F3BC

Beloveds Zoey’s Legacy of Frank “Sage”
Registration: #OR20109

shiloh shepherd Date of Birth: May 15, 2013
shiloh shepherd NSBR Registration: NSB-BV513F2U
shiloh shepherd Height: 28 ¼” (wicket)
shiloh shepherd Weight: 96 lbs.
shiloh shepherd OFA Hips – SLH-794G33F-VPI – GOOD
shiloh shepherd OFA Eyes – SLH-EYE35/33F-VPI – (Ophthalmologist) – Normal
shiloh shepherd OFA Heart SLH-CA584/33F/C-VPI (Cardiologist) – Normal
shiloh shepherd OFA DM SLH-DM311/34F-PI – Normal
shiloh shepherd Canine Cardiac Holter Monitor –Normal

Shiloh Shepherd Simone

Show Results

Shiloh Shepherd Simone Best In Show

Shiloh Shepherd Simone

Shiloh Shepherd Simone

Our girl, Simone, won Best of Opposite at both shows held at the ISSDC Barktoberfest weekend.
She won over so many beautiful Shilohs at the show.
So very proud of her!

Beloved Sweet Mystic Dreamer “Simone” won multiple ICKC BEST IN SHOWS for August and September, 2016, dog shows.
She is one outstanding and beautiful Shiloh Shepherd with an incredible personality also.
Her flowing trot is amazing to watch. Laura and I are incredibly proud of Simone. So is her brother, Simon.

Shiloh Shepherd Simone Best Bred By in Show

Shiloh Shepherd Simone Reserve Best in Show

Simone continues to do us proud by winning
6 out of 8 Best of Breed in the July, 2016 ICKC Dog Show, Denver, PA.
She received 4 Group One and 2 Group Two and received two Reserve BEST IN SHOWS.
She also received the coveted “Best Bred By” of the show.
Three or four judges rate all the dogs that are breeder shown and bred an
Simone was chosen out of many dogs at this show.
  ~ Ellen

At our Shiloh Shepherd IEW in May, 2016,
Simone took BEST IN SHOW and Simon took BEST OF OPPOSITE
under Judge Any Ritter.
Simone and Simon won over 34 other Shilohs.
It doesn’t get any better than this and a dream come true!!!

Simone Best In Show ICKC Denver, PA

Simone Top Dog ICKC Denver, PA

Beloved Sweet Mystic Dreamer “Simone” won 4 Best in Shows and
1 Reserve Best in Show along with
Best Bred By and TOP DOG at the ICKC Denver, PA, May, 2016.
The TOP DOG rosette was given in Sage’s name (Simone’s dad)
unknowing it would be awarded to his daughter, Simone.
An incredible and well deserved accomplishment for our girl!











Our stunningly beautiful girl, Simone, is out of the Teegan/Sage breeding. Simone did very well in the show ring as a puppy and now, as an adult, she is continuing the legacy of her Dad and Mom. In only one day, at the ICKC Dog Show, Simone took 3 out of 4 Best in Breed, 1 Best of Opposite, 2 Group Ones, 1 Group Two, a RESERVE BEST IN SHOW AND A BEST IN SHOW!

Simone is not only beautiful but a very compassionate endearing Shiloh. She charms everyone and is an incredibly happy and joyful young lady. She floats in the show ring with her beautiful movement. We are so very proud of her and can’t wait to see what her future brings.

Shiloh Shepherd Simone
shiloh shepherd
Simone at 3 years
Simone at 3 years

Simone at 14 weeks
Simone at 14 weeks

Simone at 9 weeks
Simone at 9 weeks

Simone at 5 weeks
Simone at 5 weeks

shiloh shepherd
Explanation of Titles:
ISSDC GV International Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club Grand Victrix (top female dog)
NSBR GV National Shiloh Breed Registry Grand Victrix (top female dog)
bGrCH Breed Grand Champion in our Registry
ICKC Mast Supr Gr. CH International Canine Kennel Club Master Supreme Grand Champion
ICKC Jr. HOF International Canine Kennel Club Junior Hall of Fame (top winning title for puppies 6-12 months old)
sCH ISSDC Champion
NS National Shiloh Breed Registry National Select