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Shiloh Shepherd Dog
shiloh shepherd dog
shiloh shepherd dog
Shiloh Shepherd Dog

ICKC Jr. Master Supr Gr CH POTY rbCH

Beloveds Many Blessings With CabnRun "Zev"

Zevs at 21 months
Zev (21 months)

shiloh shepherd Birth date is 05/14/12
shiloh shepherd Neutered Male and beloved family member
Zev215mos.jpg 368x442
Zev (21.5 months)
Zev at 21 months
Zev (21 months)

Shilohs shepherds Sage and son Zev
Sage and Zev

Zev at 6.5 months
Zev (6.5 months)

Shiloh Shepherd puppy Zev  Zev with Ellen and Murray


NOPE, we were NOT getting a puppy from the Lady and Sage litter. ABSOLUTELY NOT! So when the pups were 4.5 weeks old, we went to Myra and John's home to see the 10 beautiful puppies. Lady and Sage had 7 boys and 3 girls.

Yep, you guessed itÖÖ.one of the puppies, CoffeeBean, made it very obvious that he was ours. I was still fighting it each and every time we went to visit but with each and every visit, CoffeeBean made it clear that he was joining our family. Of course, no one except me was surprised when we brought home a pup from this litter. I heard a lot of "I told you so". So we now have our handsome and sweet Beloveds Many Blessings with CabnRun "Zev" as part of our family.

Zev (meaning WOLF in Hebrew) is such a great pup. He tested out extremely well at the Litter Evaluation. He's incredibly smart and unbelievably agile with huge boning and a beautiful smile. It will be so much fun to watch this baby boy grow up.

We are so very proud that we now have THREE generations of spectacular Shiloh Shepherds in our family that all started with Beloved Zodiac's Magic of CJ's "Zoey" who birthed Beloved Zoey's Legacy of Frack "Sage" who produced Beloveds Many Blessings with CabnRun "Zev". It doesn't get more special than this! We are truly blessed with our amazing Shiloh Shepherd family which also includes Beloved Dream Believer Atlantic "Teegan" who has taken the Dog Show world by storm!!

    April, 2014
Zev, our handsome man at almost 2 years old, has continued to grow!! He is now over 31" tall. He is truly a gentle giant. He loves everyone and everything just like his daddy, Sage. He's also doing nosework classes and show handling. He's taking off the year at showing so he can grow into that great big body of his. He is one happy and joyful young man. He has ongoing conversations with his friend, Pax, our American Bobtail cat. He never stops smiling and wagging his tail. Zev is a Jr. Master Supreme Champion, a TSSR Champion, an ICKC Intercontinental Champion and ICKC International Champion. He and his half bro, Simon, tied for ISSDC top male POTY (puppy of the year) for 2013. He is the TSSR POTY for 2013. And he's only 23 months old!!!! We are so amazingly proud of this sweet, gentle and loving boy of ours.

Zoey, Sage, and Zev
Zoey 12 years, with Sage 7 years and Zev 5 months

Zev at 5.75 months  Zev at 5.75 months
Zev at 5.75 months

Zev and Teegan
Zev at 5.75 months with Teegan 2 years

Zev at 6 months Zev at 6 months
Zev at 6 months

Zev in the Cherry Hill Sun

Zev makes the news!

Zev in training  Zev in training

Show Results


Zev in group - left
Zev with Ellen, at 17 months

ZevSafari.jpg 418x327  ZevSafari2.jpg 418x328
ZevSafari3.jpg 418x328
We are so incredibly proud of our baby boy, Zev, at 11 months old he obtained his Jr. Master Supreme Championship from ICKC.
The judges thought he was stunning for such a huge young man. They thought his movement was effortless..
Zevís mom, Lady, did really well at the show along with Zevís half brother (another of Sageís sons), Shayne getting a Best of Breed.
All in all, an amazing show for Beloved Shilohs.
ICKCJr.jpg 518x405
Our 8 month old, Zev, did fabulously well at the ICKC Dog Show in Frenchtown, NJ, January, 2013.
At that show, our boy achieved his Jr. Championship and Jr. GRAND Championship.
He also won some awesome adult wins!

To sum it up, Zev won...
6 Winner's Dog - ADULT
4 Best of Winners - ADULT
1 Group Two - ADULT
2 Reserve Winner's Dog - ADULT
1 Best of Opposite - ADULT
8 Best of Breed - Jr. Puppy
2 Group Two - Jr. Puppy
2 Group One - Jr. Puppy

Zev's Mama, Lady, had a fantastic show also and earned her ICKC Championship.
Zev won BEST OF BREED to his Mama's Best of Opposite. And then his Mama won Best in Breed to Zev's Best of Opposite.


Zev, 6.5 months old, won at the International Canine Kennel Club Year's End Show...
two - Reserve Winners Dog
four - Winners Dog
two - Best of Winners
three - Jr. Best of Breed

"This was Zev's first show for winning adult points. We are so proud of this huge baby boy and the way he handled himself in the show ring. He acted like he'd been showing for years."

Zev on the move

Zev's Best Puppy in Show with Ellen

Zev's ICKC Best Puppy In Show

Zev's Intercontinental Champion - Best Puppy In Show

At only 9.5 weeks old, Zev went to his very first ICKC Dog Show and came home with TWO Best in Show ribbons and an Intercontinental Championship. Murray carried him to the ring and back and sometimes we could actually get him to move in the ring. He kissed every judge and wanted his belly scratched too. Nothing like showing a baby puppy in the show ring!! We are very proud of him doing so well the entire weekend from traveling, showing, and taking a long walk in the park after the show. He is an incredibly baby boy!

Zev's Intercontinental Champion Certificate

shiloh shepherd
Explanation of Titles:
b Breed Champion
r ICKC International Champion
ICKC Jr. Master Supr Gr CH ICKC Junior Master Supreme Grand Champion
CH Champion - National Select (indicating he is one of the top 12 show dogs)
POTY TSSR Puppy of the Year 2013
shiloh shepherd