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Shiloh Shepherd Dog
shiloh shepherd dog
shiloh shepherd dog
Shiloh Shepherd Dog

GV NSx2 abrCH
Beloved Zodiac's Magic of CJ's

2/10/01 - 10/25/12

Shiloh Shepherd Zoey
Victrix.jpg 389x32
shiloh shepherd Birth date is 2/10/01
shiloh shepherd PennHIP - Left 0.29, Right 0.30
shiloh shepherd OFA Heart Certification - normal
shiloh shepherd CERF (eye testing) normal
shiloh shepherd OFA Thyroid testing - normal
shiloh shepherd OFA Elbow Certification - normal
shiloh shepherd TLI - normal
Zoey has completed all her health testing, plus her temperament testing (TT), CGC (Canine Good Citizenship) and Therapy Dog certificates.


It's hard to just write just a little about our girl, ZOEY. She is our first Shiloh Shepherd and we couldn't have been blessed with a better dog. We don't think of her as a "dog" at all. Zoey has a great sense of humor and a joy about life. She is always ready for a big kiss on the face and if she can wet your eye glasses, all the better. She started out as the clumsiest puppy we'd ever seen. She could not put three steps together without falling over when we first got her at 9 weeks old. Murray and I had no idea that Zoey would go from a puppy that tripped over her own four feet to having a most beautiful flying trot. Her movement is fluid and she's proud to show herself off at dog shows. Through the years she has won many BEST OF OPPOSITES in the show ring and one special day this past year, right before a major downpour with thunder and lightening, she won BEST OF BREED, winning over some of the top Shiloh males in the country. Not easy for a bitch to do in this breed.

While winning is always nice, our focus for Zoey is to just have people see how wonderful a Shiloh she is in both beauty and personality. We feel happy and proud for her to have accomplish so much, especially since she is our very first Shiloh Shepherd.

A short story about Zoey is that we had a family come to see our American Bobtail cats. They had a 14 month old little girl, Elise, who was not afraid of two large Shiloh dogs surrounding her. Tylor, our pup, went to lie down but Zoey lay down in front of Elise and put both her front paws gently on her two feet. Zoey wanted to play with Elise but knew she had to get to her level and be very gentle with her. Zoey looked into her eyes and gave her a really big smile. I have to say that we and the little girl's parents were totally touched by this gesture. It's only one of the many stories about this very special young lady that we could share.

We are truly blessed to have Zoey in our lives.

Our girl, Zoey, was given the privilege to represent the Shiloh Shepherd world by being invited to NBC's The Today show. Zoey quickly won over Warren Eckstein, who did the segment, and host, David Bloom, who interviewed Warren about these wonderful rare breed dogs. Zoey did us proud in representing a beautiful and well behaved Shiloh Shepherd and she charmed all who met her in New York City that day

shiloh shepherd
Warren Eckstein, Zoey & Ellen
shiloh shepherd

Show Results

Our incredible, amazing 7 year old Zoey won BEST OF VETERANS at the Rarities Dog Show in Brookville, PA Memorial Day weekend, 2008. Zoey has not been in the show ring since she was neutered. Zoey went into "show mode" as soon as we entered the ring and did us proud. She stacked and moved around the ring in beautiful form. When she was awarded the BEST OF VETERANS trophy, I burst into happy tears. Our girl still has class and movement!!!

Zoey Shiloh Shepherd
Ellen with Zoey during the judging

Zoey Shiloh Shepherd
Ellen with Zoey and Zoey's trophy
shiloh shepherd
At the Rarities Tri-State Showdown, Matamoras, PA May 5-6, 2007 (three shows on Saturday, two on Sunday), Zoey obtained her Rarities Championship! Her other awards that weekend included:
    Reserve Winner's Bitch
    Winner's Bitch for two shows
    Best of Winners

Zoey at the Rarities Tri-State Showdown, with Christi handling
Zoey with friend & handler, Christi, at the Rarities Tri-State Showdown.
shiloh shepherd
Shiloh Shepherd
When she was 3-1/2 years old, Zoey won Best of Opposite
at all four shows at the Shiloh Gathering.
Shiloh Shepherd
shiloh shepherd

~ Zoey's Pictorial ~

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shiloh shepherd
Explanation of Titles:
GV Grand Victrix—this award is given to the NUMBER ONE female in a TSSR show season. To qualify, a Shiloh must be a Breed Champion - completed by the end of 2004, PASSED final TSSR health testing by 12/31/04, and accumulated the top number of Best of Breed/Best of Opposite points in the show season of 2004
NS National Select (she was the number 1 national select in the SSBA)
a ARBA Champion
b breed Champion
r Rarities Champion
CH Champion
PennHIP Hip X-rays - Zoey's hips rate in the 90% for Shiloh Shepherds
CGC Canine Good Citizen
TT Temperament Testing with Gun fire
TD Certification for Therapy Dog
HCT Herding Capability Test
shiloh shepherd