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Shiloh Shepherd Dog
shiloh shepherd dog
shiloh shepherd dog
Shiloh Shepherd Dog


All the Beloved Shilohs went to a herding clinic on a beautiful weekend in Virginia, November, 2008. This was the first experience in herding for ALL of us. It was great fun and our oldest, Zoey, at almost 8 years old, and our youngest, Finn, at 7 months old, earned their HCT title. Sage and Tylor thought the sheep were not worth chasing. However, I did a really good job herding the sheep for them!!!

We had 3 of Finn's siblings there. Three pups got their title with only one of them needing the second leg of the test to pass. To watch the dogs turn on to sheep and see them do what they were born to do was truly amazing. I loved learning my part in it also and Murray got to photograph the whole thing. We had a lovely weekend, full of Shilohs and wonderful people. I hope we can continue this activity in the near future with Zoey and Finn. Zoey was the oldest Shiloh who obtained her HCT title. She was the star of the day on Saturday and boy, can she move!!!

Shiloh Shepherd Zoey herding
Zoey looking at the sheep in the next pen and wanting to herd them too
Shiloh Shepherd Zoey herding
Zoey, 7.5 years old, beautifully doing what comes naturally!!!
Shiloh Shepherd Sage herding
Sage, 3.5 years, in the sheep pen
Shiloh Shepherd Finnegan herding
Finnegan, 7.5 months, herding sheep
Shiloh Shepherds Jazmin, Darcy, Finn, Sage, Zoey & Cooper
Jazmin, Darcy, Finn, Sage, Zoey & Cooper with their HCT herding ribbons (Sage's kids and Zoey's grandkids)

shiloh shepherd