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Shiloh Shepherd Dog
shiloh shepherd dog
shiloh shepherd dog
Shiloh Shepherd Dog

Beloved BT Tylor of Shenandoah

2/14/04 - 3/30/12

shiloh shephered


Tylor brought us such joy into our lives. He brought us all of you. He brought laughter and smiles to all who met him. He brought lots of noise with his barking and talking. His picture graces the lobby of Cooper Hospital and he's on the video about Cooper. He got a beautiful crystal award for his therapy work there also. And he loved doing all his tricks for the kids he brought smiles and laughs to. He's know for his "hospital voice" which was a little whisper when a loud bark was not appropriate for the little children he visited at the hospitals. This special boy is going to be missed by so many people because he touched so many lives

shiloh shepherdshiloh shepherd

Since you can't possibly have only one Shiloh, I was thinking that we might want to add another to our family. I said to my friends, who happened to have produced the male dog that fathered Tylor, that if a puppy was born with all the characteristics I wanted (which were many), we would consider getting that pup. Otherwise we'd wait a while. And then Trinka and Kota had their very special Valentine's Day puppies and everyone who visited those puppies said that "orange boy" was our perfect pup. There was no doubt about it. He was everything we wanted. Apparently, orange boy had my name on him!!!!!

At 17 months of age, Tylor is 29-1/4" in height and 110 lbs with huge boning. He is the sweetest boy and loves to give big wet kisses. And what's so unusual about this big laid-back boy is his intelligence. He learns things instantly, wants to please, is always happy, and is a gentle soul. No one, even the most fragile senior citizen, is afraid of him. And everyone, no matter where we take him, is charmed by him.

Our very special boy, Tylor, has been found to have moderate hip dyplasia on OFA hip x-rays. We are very disappointed that this wonderful boy will not be shown nor help to carry on his bloodlines.

People fall in love with Tylor because of his outgoing personality and happy smiling face. Tylor, even as a puppy in puppy kindergarten, would gently put his paws around the Jack Russell puppy constantly jumping on him. He'd hold the puppy gently in his front paws and give him kisses.

Tylor will be an ambassador for Shiloh Shepherds everywhere even though it won't be in the show ring. He will make a fabulous pet therapy dog and Murray and I couldn't be more proud nor feel more blessed to have this special boy in our lives.

Shiloh Shepherd Puppy
Tylor winning "Best Puppy" at 4 months of age at the Shiloh Gathering.
His sister (on the right) won "Best of Opposite"
shiloh shepherd
Shiloh Shepherd Puppy
Tylor at 17 months
shiloh shepherd
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Following are pictures of "Tylor" with the children at Cooper Hospital in Camden, NJ. We go there every other week, where, as a Certified Therapy Dog, "Tylor" has his own following with the staff at the hospital.

Certified Therapy Dog Certified Therapy Dog
Certified Therapy Dog Certified Therapy Dog
Tylor at work as a Certified Therapy Dog
We recently received the following email regarding the effect that Tylor had on one of the patients at Cooper Hospital and would like to share it with you.

Shiloh Shepherd Letter
shiloh shepherd

~ Tylor's Pictorial ~

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Tylor at 5yrs
Tylor at 5 years

Explanation of Titles:
CGC Canine Good Citizen
TD Certification for Therapy Dog

Shiloh Shepherd

"The "kiss" is from when Ty was 4 months old. I love that picture."~ Ellen

shiloh shepherd