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Shiloh Shepherd Dog
shiloh shepherd dog
shiloh shepherd dog
Shiloh Shepherd Dog

GV, NS, ICKC Mast Supr Gr Ch, aCH, bCH, sCH
Beloved Dream Believer Atlantic "Teegan"


TOP DOG for 2012 ISSDC

International Canine Kennel Club #6 TOP DOG for 2012

2012 Master Supreme Grand Champion of the Year

2012 Supreme Grand Champion of the Year

ICKC International Supreme Grand Champion

Multiple BEST IN SHOW winner in both ICKC & ARBA


NSBR #5 National Select of 2011

Teegan Beloved Shiloh Shepherd
Teegan at 2.5 years


We'd like to Introduce our newest Beloved Shiloh family member "Beloved Dream Believer of Atlantic" call name - Teegan. Teegan is a beautiful plush black and silver dual from Nova Scotia, Canada. She comes from a long line of beautiful and handsome Shilohs with fantastic temperaments. Teegan is an incredibly smart and happy young lady and it's been a joy watching her bloom and grow.

Teegan got her NSBR Breed Championship at only 8 months old and only her second weekend of showing where winning points count towards titles. She got her NAKC Junior Championship at 6 months old in her very first weekend of showing where points count. This young lady is truly a gift to our whole family.

Teegan at 16mos
Teegan at 16 months

Teegan at 1 year  Teegan at 1 year
Teegan at 1 year

Teegan at 10.5 months
Teegan at 10.5 months with Zoey at 10 years (rear)

Teegan at 8 months
Teegan at 8 months
Teegan at 7.5 months
Teegan at 7.5 months

Teggan at 6 months
Teegan at 6 months

Teggan at 6 months
Teegan at 6 months

Teegan  at 5 months
Teegan at 5 months

Teegan  at 4 months
Teegan at 4 months

Beloved Shiloh Teegan
Teegan at 12 weeks
Beloved Shiloh Teegan
Teegan at 11 weeks
Beloved Shiloh Teegan
Teegan at 10 weeks

Beloved Shiloh Teegan
Teegan at 10 weeks

Beloved Shiloh Teegan
Teegan at 9 weeks

Beloved Shiloh Teegan
Teegan at 8 weeks

Show Results


TeeganHoliday.jpg 498x389 TeeganICKC.jpg 498x389

Teegan - International Canine Kennel Club #6 TOP DOG for 2012

Teegan Master Supreme Champion

Teegan Best In Show

Yet another outstanding ICKC dog show for our girl, Teegan, in Denver, PA, May, 2012. The top winning ICKC dogs were at this show and a good showing of Shiloh Shepherds. Teegan won FOUR Best of Opposites, THREE Best of Breed, a Group 1, 2 & 3, and a BEST IN SHOW!!!!! We don't show all that much and considering who attended this show, we were thrilled at how well Teegs did. But, most of all, we are so proud of this young lady who shows like she's been doing it for years (which she has not since she's still so young) and is a pleasure to take with us no matter where we go. She's excelling at agility and obedience and just about anything she tries. She's a joy and one of the happiest pups I know.


Teegan Certificate

Our beautiful and accomplished young lady, Beloved Dream Believer Atlantic, Teegan, achieved her
ICKC GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP in January of this year.
She also was awarded TOP DOG for the weekend and month and will be Ms. February on the ICKC calendar and website.

Teegan ICKC Best In Show  Teegan ICKC Top Dog

Teegan received two BEST IN SHOW ribbons, one RESERVE BEST IN SHOW, and took 5 out of six Best of Breed. Teegan is only 16 months old!!! She is more than we could have ever wished for in both personality and conformation. Considering our boy Sage's amazing show career, we never dreamt that Teegan would follow in his footsteps even though they are not "officially" related.

Teegan's Grand Champion Certificate


Teegan ARBA Best In Show

Our girl, Teegan, amazed us by getting her very first BEST IN SHOW at the ARBA Turnpike Classic, August 2011, at only ELEVEN MONTHS OLD! She showed in three shows that day and got BEST IN SHOW and two RESERVE Best in Show. Best of all, she loves to be out there strutting herself around the ring. We are incredibly proud of this happy, sweet, loving and beautiful young lady.

International Champion

As our journey with Teegan continues we’ve been so impressed by her outgoing and loving personality. Her whole body shows how happy she is about life. She learns very quickly and loves her agility lessons.

Beloved Shiloh Shepherd, Teegan, showing at 8 months
Teegan at 8 months at the NAKC Dog Show

At only 8 months old, our baby girl, TEEGAN, won THREE (out of 5 shows) Best of Breed at the NAKC Dog Show this past weekend (May 7-8, 2011). She won FIVE Winner's Bitch, FIVE Best of Winners, a Group 1, a Group 2, a Group 4 and a Best in Show Jr. Puppy.

Taking Best of Breed means that she won over Shilohs that were already Champions. Teegan won't be eligible for an adult Championship until she's over 1 year of age. She already has her Jr. Championship in breed and NAKC. To be having so much success with Teegan after the amazing last year with Sage is truly a blessing. It just blows our minds!!!!

To us at Beloved Shilohs, winning is great but the temperament of each of our dogs is most important to us. Teegan is an incredibly sweet, good natured, loving, and laid back young lady. Very intelligent and loves to do agility.

We attended the NAKC Reading Dog Show. Teegan was 6 months old and was showing in a 6-9 month category. We didn’t expect her to do much at that show but lo and behold, this incredible puppy came home with a Junior Championship. She strutted her stuff in the ring, beat boys and girls much older, and showed in the Best of Breed ring with her brother, Sage. She came home with 7 ribbons and 3 trophies. What a dream weekend. Hopefully this is one of many dream weekends with this incredible puppy. She reminds us to make the most of every minute of every day with happiness and joy.

We are so proud of our girl, Teegan!!!!


Our newest addition to the Beloved family, Teegan, got her very first BEST IN SHOW at the NAKC show in Secaucus NJ in November, 2010. She was just 12 week old that day and was happy to strut herself in the show ring. She had such a great time that weekend even with all the noise and commotion of an indoor show.

Teegan is a joy and one of the smartest puppies we've ever had. The judge even got down on the floor with her and told me that he NEVER picks such a young puppy to give BEST IN SHOW to. He was totally blown away by her and it was a joy to watch her in the show ring. We can't wait to show that judge just how special she is as she grows into a beautiful young lady. But, hopefully, she doesn't grow up too fast as we are enjoying her puppyhood greatly.

Teeganbis.jpg 429x274

We feel so blessed to have this special young lady as part of our family.

shiloh shepherd
Explanation of Titles:
GV Grand Victrix
NS National Shiloh Breed Register National Select #5 Adult, #3 Puppy
IcCH ICKC International Master Supreme Grand Champion
aCH ARBA Champion
bCH Breed Champion
TDI Therapy Dog Inc.
TT Temperament Testing with Blowhorn
CGC Canine Good Citizen
sCH International Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club Champion
ROM Register of Merit