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Shiloh Shepherd Dog
Shiloh Shepherd Dog
Shiloh Shepherd Dog

Shiloh Shepherd Simon

Beloveds Stage’n the Dream “SIMON”

International Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club TOP DOG, 2017
International Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club GRAND VICTOR, 2017
National Shiloh Breed Registry TOP DOG, 2017
National Shiloh Breed Registry GRAND VICTOR, 2017
American Rare Breed Ass. #1 TOP DOG, 2017
American Rare Breed Ass. TOP SHILOH SHEPHERD, 2017
International Canine Kennel Club TOP SHILOH SHEPHERD IN U.S., 2017
International Canine Kennel Club #3 TOP DOG IN THE U.S., 2017
International Canine Kennel Club BEST BRED BY in CLASSIC x 3, 2017
International Canine Kennel Club TOP DOG IN CLASSIC x 3, 2017

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Shiloh Shepherd Simone

Beloved Sweet Mystic Dreamer “Simone” (Teegan/Sage)

13 BEST IN SHOWS, 2016

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We are so honored that Simone and Simon are the first littermates
in Shiloh Shepherd history that are the TOP DOGS
in our Club, Registry, and Show Venues all in the same year.

Beloved Shiloh Shepherds

Beloved Shiloh Shepherds Trophy Winners 2016/17

2016 / 2017 Achievements

Welcome to Beloved Shiloh Shepherds Dogs

Shiloh Shepherd Dogs are gentle giants with superior intelligence wrapped in a heart of gold. A Shiloh Shepherd’s total devotion to his family, willingness to do anything you want him to do and happy loving attitude is what makes him a breed apart from any other. Shiloh Shepherds can go from being registered therapy dogs to certified tracking and rescue dogs. They love a rousing game of Frisbee or sitting on the couch watching TV with their people. They are steady and bold yet sweet and loving when playing with children, other animals or comforting the elderly.

Shiloh Shepherd Dogs are powerfully built with unsurpassed beauty and elegance. They are a picture of true balance and have seemingly effortless movement.

Who we Are

We are Murray and Ellen Brenner. We’ve loved German Shepherd Dogs all our married life and had one German Shepherd Dog many years ago who produced one litter of pups. However, the health problems and extreme conformation of the modern day German Shepherd Dog was not want we wanted. After much research we found the Shiloh Shepherd Dog and along with these Shepherds came some amazing people who show and breed these dogs. Getting into the Rare Breed Dog Show world has brought a whole new aspect to our lives, one that we never expected to find. Showing our dogs allows us to socialize with wonderful people and spend the day with our favorite companions. It can’t get more perfect than that!!!!

We were blessed with our first Shiloh Shepherd Dog, Beloved Zodiac’s Magic, a.k.a. Zoey. Zoey is a beautiful and accomplished young lady and has far surpassed our dreams for her. She has a wonderful sense of humor. Please see her webpage for pictures and more information on her titles and accomplishments

Realizing that you can not have just one Shiloh Shepherd Dog, we then adopted BT Tylor of Shenandoah, a.k.a. Tylor. Born on Valentine’s Day, 2004, Tylor is over 95 lbs. and still growing. He is everything we wanted in a Shiloh Shepherd Dog. He has great intelligence with a laid back and mellow personality. Tylor's calling in life is his ability to bring smiles and happiness to all he meets. He accomplishes this every other week doing his Pet Therapy work with the pediatric patients at Cooper Hospital, Camden, NJ. Please check out Tylor's page to see him at work.

The Beloved Shiloh saga continued with a very special puppy named Sage. Sage is the son of our Beloved Zoey and a very special young male Shiloh by the name of Noah. Zoey and Noah had 9 puppies in March 2005, one of which is Sage. We had not planned on keeping a pup from Zoey’s 1st litter but Sage spoke to us the minute he was born. We tried to resist his charms but, in the end, we could not resist keeping this boy for ourselves. In fact, at one point we wanted to keep all NINE puppies. Sage is continuing the tradition his mother started and is doing us proud in the show ring. Please check out his page to see pictures of him strutting his stuff.


What an amazing show year 2017 turned out to be. We weren't sure we would show Simon all year but he did so well in our annual Shiloh Shepherd show that we decided to keep showing him. It turned out to be a spectacular year for him. You can read a listing of all his 2017 accomplishment on his webpage. At the ICKC shows, it was such an honor that he won BEST BRED BY IN CLASSIC in all 3 show weekends that we did. That means, all the judges judging that day picked Simon out of all the dogs being shown by their breeder/handler. Also, he won TOP DOG IN CLASSIC in all of those 3 weekends. That means he earned the most points out of all the dogs showing for the weekend. If ICKC had had more show weekends that year, I have no doubt Simon could have been #1 TOP DOG but that he was #3 was huge accomplishment for those few shows. To be the TOP DOG in our Shiloh Club and our Registry was huge and he did it with so many more points than the next dog in line.

It's wonderful to be able to brag about Simon's accomplishments but even more impressive is how wonderful this special boy is. To watch him work doing pet therapy with children at Cooper Hospital brings joy to my heart. He and his little brother, Jaxx, do Canine Nosework and Simon is amazing at it (so is Jaxx). Simon is a special boy. He is gentle, sweet, intuitive, and incredibly loving and so very intelligent. He is a huge blessing in our lives.

Beloved Shiloh Shepherds 2016 Brags

  • At our 2016 Shiloh Shepherd IEW (Specialty), Simon won 2 Best of Breed/Best in Show and Best of Opposite to his sister, Simone. Simone won 1 Best of Breed/Best in Show. To sum it up, both Simon and Simone won ALL the Specialty shows. We could not have dreamt that scenario!

  • Simon has gotten 11 Best in Show in ARBA out of the 12 shows he's competed in. And Simone has gotten multiple Best in Shows and Reserve Best in Show in ICKC.

  • Simon is now doing Pet Therapy at Cooper Hospital seeing Pediatric patients. We can barely get up to the pediatric floor because he's made so many friends with the hospital staff. Visiting children and their caretakers is such a blessing and both Simon and I come home with bigger hearts than we started the day with.

  • We've had three great years with these beautiful, sweet, loving, gentle, intelligent and funny furkids. We couldn't have asked for a better litter of pups from Teegan and Sage. Dreams do come true!!!

Beloved Shiloh Shepherds 2015 Brags

  • SAGE (Zoey/Noah), who has now passed from our lives, did amazingly well in 2015 at 10 years old. He was an ISSDC National Select #10 as well as a TSSR National Select #5. I doubt, that in the history of Shilohs, there is another dog that had the longevity in the show ring as Sage.

  • A huge congratulations to Sage’s son, Shayne (Fina/Sage) who earned the titles of ISSDC GRAND VICTOR and TSSR GRAND VICTOR. He is the TOP DOG in both club and registry.

  • A huge congrats to Rosco, a Sage grandson, who earned his ISSDC National Select #5 and his TSSR National Select #1.

  • Another huge congrats to Gemma, Sage’s granddaughter out of Rumor (Haley/Sage), who earned her TSSR National Select #6.

  • And, of course, our own Simon (Teegan/Sage) who earned his ISSDC National Select #3 as well as the NSBR National Select #2. Simon barely showed in 2015 as we are letting him mature after the most outstanding and amazing previous year so this was very unexpected. So proud of this special young man who has the best of both his parents.

  • I need to mention our girl, Teegan, who won many Best in Show Champion Companion in 2015. While the club and registries don’t count these points, they mean the world to us as her parents. She takes great delight in being in the ring floating on air.

  • To have this many of Sage and his progeny in the TOP 12 Shilohs of 2015 is definitely a testament to Sage and all the other Shilohs who helped produce them. Truly a blessing and a gift for us.

May 2015

Beloved Shiloh Shepherds had the most outstanding and amazing Memorial Day Weekend possible. We all attended (Murray, myself, Sage, Teegan, Zev and Simon) the ICKC Red, White and Blue Dog Show. Each of our Shilohs was present in the show ring at some or many points during the weekend. The most touching and poignant moments were when Sage, 10 years old, was in the progeny ring with his TEN kids and grandkids. That was almost half the amount of Shiloh Shepherds at this show. Sage, who loves being in the show ring, led all his progeny around the ring as they tried to keep up with him.

I thank all the humans who were kind enough to line up with their Sage progeny and we thank the universe for having this incredibly special and wonderful boy in our lives. Zoey and Noah produced an outstanding litter of pups and one of them, Sage, told us in no uncertain terms, that he was staying with us.

Here is a video taken by our friend, Pat, of Sage and his progeny running around the show ring. Sage received Best Sire in Specialty, Best Progeny in Specialty, and Best Veteran in Specialty.

Sage and his progeny have done awesome in the show ring and his and Teegan’s son, Simon, was TOP DOG in 2014, and 8th TOP DOG in ICKC for 2014.

May 2014

What a year we've had from May, 2013 to present. Early in 2013, we finally decided that we would breed Sage and Teegan together. How could we not given the fact that both dogs are outstanding examples of our breed, greatly accomplished in the show ring, and the most loving, sweet and wonderful dogs ever.

We had 7 large, healthy puppies on May 14, 2013. They were impossible to tell apart except for their ribbon color. We've never seen such a consistent looking litter along with consistent personalities. They were and still are incredible puppies. We were lucky enough to have seen 5 out of 7 pups at our 6 month old puppy reunion. Now we are looking forward to our 1 year old reunion. Wonderful humans adopted 6 of the pups and 1 of them, Simon, decided to stay with us. You can check out more on Simon on his webpage.

Life with Shiloh Shepherds doesn't get any better than this and we've had an amazing 2013 with our furkids, progeny and grandprogeny. 2014 has been outstanding with Simon in the ring along with his sister, Simone. Sage is still doing well at 9 years young, Teegan, at 3.75 years, is spayed and having a ball in agility and Zev is taking some time to grow into that huge body of his. We started a new sport doing nosework which has been so much fun to do with the younger boys. We have been so blessed with our Shilohs and are looking forward to many more titles, ribbons and trophies in our future. But, most of all, loving and being loved by such incredible furkids is a joy and a dream come true.


Dec 31, 2012

We've been remiss in writing about our continuing journey with our Beloved Shiloh Shepherds on this home page. You can see more about each of our dogs on their individual pages.

This past year (2012) has been difficult in that we lost Tylor, our amazing therapy dog, and Zoey, our very first Shiloh Shepherd and Sage's mother. Zoey left a legacy to be proud of as we are so very blessed to have Sage, and Sage's son, Zev, in our lives. Zoey did live to enjoy her grandson, Zev, and having three generations with us was truly a gift if only for a short time. Not to be left out is our girl, Teegan. A truly outstanding young lady.

Sage has retired from the show ring and is enjoying life being the head of our Shiloh family. Sage not only has beautiful and handsome children in the show ring but grandchildren as well. His pups and grandpups are known to have beauty but most of all, outstanding personalities.

Teegan, originally from Nova Scotia, Canada, has had a most outstanding show year (2011-2012). She has won 12 Best in Shows and other prestigious awards. She's also doing obedience and agility which she adores. She is an all around athlete as well as being beautiful, devoted, loving and a sweet young lady who has a stunning natural flying trot in the show ring.

And now there is Zev, son of our handsome and incredibly wonderful, Sage. We hope that Zev will follow in his daddy's footsteps in the show ring but no matter what, he's such a special, endearing, sweet and funny boy. He and Teegan are best of friends and love to play together. We think that Zev will be towering in height over his daddy someday very soon. It seems that Zev has the best of both his parents and we are enjoying watching him grow up along with his siblings.

We are so grateful to have these amazing animals in our lives. We hope to bring out the best in them and they definitely bring out the best in us. I hope we are better human beings because we have such amazing blessings in our lives called Shiloh Shepherds.

Ellen and Murray

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Shiloh Shepherd Simon

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